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The biggest thief of life


We waste so many days waiting for weekend. So many nights wanting morning. Our lust for future comfort is the biggest thief of life.

— Unknown

I am the “Unknown” who wrote this. 

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Boys stop believing in hell once they have their first kiss.

Girls would too if boys were better kissers.

Joshua Glenn Clark

This One's About Being Sad 


One time I spent more than three years growing up with a boy who makes the kind of music that girls like me only aspire to make. The songs you wish were written for you. And about you. Even if they break your heart.

A lot of time has passed since I told him that no matter what happened between the two of us I was going to share his music because that’s how much I loved it. Even if we stopped growing up together. I am glad that I can still call him a friend without even bluffing. And it’s about damn time I tell everyone to go listen to this stuff.



Scratch recordings

"That’s right you’ll never know, so you can’t be mean all the time."



n. [Brit. wallesia] a condition characterized by scanning faces in a crowd looking for a specific person who would have no reason to be there, which is your brain’s way of checking to see whether they’re still in your life, subconsciously patting its emotional pockets before it leaves for the day.

"Her" is a crazy mind game.

Thank guys! This is so humbling! (That sounds so trite)

"I’m not sure there’s anything thats important to life that can’t be summed up in the confusion and wonder that a child accustomed only to a big wheel looks on a unicycle with."

May the odds be ever in your favor.

Maybe everything is perfect.

As a boy I was always bad at looking at the animals. Either I could touch and pet and ride them and they would be mine, or I would decide they were the ugliest creature not worthy of my time. As I aged I became the same way with people.

Paramahansa Yogananda said “You are walking on the earth as in a dream. Our world is a dream within a dream; you must realize that to find God is the only goal, the only purpose, for which you are here. For Him alone you exist. Him you must find.

I’m starting to think he lives in South Carolina.

macedonianmess asked: I feel like I haven't seen much of your things here as of late especially and it makes me sad because you're quite good with words-and don't let that get to your head-hoping your days are wonderful. Stick around.

You’re right. macedonianmess. You seem to be my biggest tumblr fan to date. You’re probably the reason that one quote went viral. I’m not sure how to thank you for that because I don’t know how tumblr hits convert to bitcoins. I would send you 1 1/2 bitcoin but I’m not even how to purchase one. So instead I’ll send two blocks of the finest cheese to the first address you put in my inbox. And in addition to…. that… I’ll try and be better about writing. I feel better when I’m writing on tumblr. It’s kind of like burning letters. Or it was, until you started noticing what I wrote on this corner of tumblr. Now it’s like putting up billboard messages on a road only you drive on.

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